elcome to Physician Managed Weight-Loss Center (PMWC). PMWC is not the status quo weight-loss programs. The physicians at PMWC understand that obesity is on the rise in America, and obesity related health concerns such as, increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, osteoarthritis, infertility, gall bladder disease, and many forms of cancer are on the verge of surpassing tobacco as a leading cause of preventable death in the US.scope scale We understand that changing one's lifestyles and behaviors is one of the most difficult, dramatic, and empowering things a person can do. Risky surgeries and yo-yo dieting are not the healthiest ways to get the life-long changes that can improve your appearance, as well as your health.

Two-thirds of U.S. adults are officially overweight, and about half of those have graduated to full-blown obesity. The rates for African-Americans and Latinos are even higher. The physicians involved with the PMWC Program work with each patient on an individual basis to make sure each person gets specific, individualized care.
Through healthy eating, nutritional education, exercises, and guidance from our health care professionals, you can be on your way to new beginnings!

To make sure you experience optimal benefit, PMWC provides premium supplements recommended by physicians. These select premium supplements have proven safe weight loss results coupled with high nutritional value. Shop our on-line store to make sure you obtain the recommended supplements.

Once treatment is under-way, you will have regular progress appointments with your physician, advice, and support of our nursing staff as frequently as you wish. The length of treatment depends on your goals and commitment.
With help from PMWC you can effectively meet your weight loss goals. Not just through tedious diet and exercise, but through a program that changes the way you view health and wellness.

A change in mindset is a chance to get life long results and improve your overall health: not just the way you look. All with the care and guidance of a trusted physician.

" Changing the Mind So the Body will Follow ".

Are you ready to make long-term lifestyle changes?

Successful weight loss depends on permanent lifestyle changes, including eating healthy foods and implementing exercise into your life. Knowing that you need to make these changes is one thing, but are you ready to actually do it? Ask yourself “What’s my motivation for making these changes?” Only you hold the key to living a healthier happier life.

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